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Competiton and Progress Awards Regulations of DDCCR - 1.1.2019 - Download

Forein competitors

Short instructions for foreign competitors – step by step how to join our competitions and exams

1) you shoud download and read „Competiton and Progress Awards Regulations of DDCCR“

2) dogs with pedigree, without or mixbreed can join competition or exam, but they have to be tagged by chip or tattoo

3) apply for performace book – application form

- there will be written your exam results and score points from competitions
- one performance book is for one team (handler and dog), if you have more dogs, you have to apply for each of them
- price: member of DDCCR – 70 CZK or 2,5 EUR, non-member DDCCR – 120 CZK of 5 EUR
- you can pay only via bank account

Owner: Dogdancing club Czech republic
Adress of bank: Fio Banka, a.s. V Celnici 1028/10 (Millennium Plaza), 117 21 Praha 1
Account numer: 2400248987/2010, variable symbol 2
IBAN: CZ0620100000002500248992, Swift-code: FIOBCZPPXXX
Enter the name and surname in the message for the recipient

- once the application has been submitted and a fee has been credited to the club's account, the Performance Book will be issued and handed over to the event you are about to

- it is necessary to apply for performance book in time before the event is organized so that there is sufficient time to transfer the fee between banks

- without a properly completed and signed performance book, you can not take part in the exams / competitions - performance books are published by Karolína Koucká - koucka.karolina@seznam.cz

4) If the dog you want to participate in does not have a pedigree, it is necessary to have a chip, the chip number must be indicated in the petpas of the animal, with the application date and signature of the veterinarian who applied the chip.

5) If the dog have a pedigree, you a have to také if with you for your first start so we can check identification of the dog. If a dog does not have a pedigree chip number, the same conditions apply to him as for a dog without a pedigree. 6) On the club's website in the „Plánované akce“ section, you select the action you want to attend and send the application form.

7) The organizer needs to send music in .mp3 format in good time.

8) Before the exam, you must submit a list of exercises of the given exam written in the order in which you will show them in the ring, a sample list of exercises can be found on the club website „Vzorový seznam cviků pro postupové zkoušky dogdancingu“ 9) Tip to end - You can find some of the exercises in the video gallery of the club.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask – info@dogdancingclubcr.cz